About Us

Lets make something clear at this point... We are not "general builders". 

At The Build Works, we do things a little differently...

You, the customer, employ us.....

We, as the main contractor, employ the specialist contractors we know and trust. Essentially, we are "Project Managers".

We look at your ideas, plans etc and put in place the specific specialist tradesmen to carry out their respective areas of the build. We don't have carpenters helping out with the electrics, or labourers doing the decorating. Bricklayers lay bricks and plumbers do plumbing!!This is, we believe, the best way to ensure a first class job is achieved.  We don't subscribe to the idea of "general builders" because we are sure you've heard of the saying "a Jack of all trades is a Master of none!".

Our Company Policy 

Our Company Policy is that all services provided are absolutely first class, delivered ON TIME and ON BUDGET.... and we will treat you and your home with respect.

Sounds great doesn't it... and very expensive?

Not at all.... in fact, we offer prices that compare very well with your local building companies. 

Please read on to see just what services we can provide you...