Bathrooms to Dream About!

Bathroom renovation or installation can range from a few new tiles replacing the old cracked ones, to a brand new bathroom, designed in any way you want. Many people are keen on the idea of a new bathroom, but shy away from it, worrying about the difficulties and disruption it may cause. However, it isn’t as hard as you think, you pick a style or shape you want your bathroom to take and then leave it up to the professionals, simple as that.

bathrooms by the build worksThere are many options available to someone who wants a change in their bathroom. You can opt for pre-designed bathrooms that come in many different styles, shapes and sizes. This is sometimes preferred as a way of seeing your bathroom before it is actually put into your house. However there is also the option of creating your own bathroom. The benefit of this is that it is tailor made to the way you want your bathroom to be, down to the very last tile and the shape of the shower head.  

Having a new bathroom can really change the feel of a home. The difference with having a new clean bathroom where everything is in working order, and a slightly old one where things are lacking is massive. Not only does it improve your attitude to your house, it also adds on value to your home.Although there will inevitably be some disruption to your day to day life with the refurbishing of your bathroom, The Build Works always takes into account that cleanliness and respect for the customer and their home is just as important as doing the work well and getting the job done. 

Mobility Bathrooms for Special Needs

mobility bathroomsFor many people with special needs or mobility issues, the bathroom is one of the first places to look at when you need to make life easier.  

You may need grab rails, non-slip baths, showers, shower chairs, easy access baths, lower washbasins, or a wet room instead of your bathroom and there are many more helpful accessories for mobility bathrooms.  

Please contact us if you require a specially designed mobility bathroom and see what our team can come up with for you.

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