Add extra space to your home without moving house...

If you are looking to add to your home with an extra lounge, sitting room, play room and so on, then an extension is the perfect and probably most cost effective way of doing so (that is unless you want to move house!).

extensions the build worksExtensions come in many shapes and sizes, from a glass conservatory to brick walled installations. Not only can they offer a completely new living dimension to your home, they also add a considerable amount of value to your house in the long run. Many homeowners choose the option of extending their houses with a wide range of ideas and results.

You can add to your existing home with subtlety, blending the extra area construction in with the theme of the house, simply creating more space without drastically changing the overall look and feel of the house. This can also to some extent be dictated by the building regulations of specific areas. On the other hand many people see the idea of an extension as a way to exercise their designer minds, feeling that their home could use a significant change.

Whether it be a large extension, interesting design or alternative materials to the original house, these can all combine to getting the end result you would like. Although the thought of building a completely new room (or rooms!) to your house may seem daunting, perhaps a task too far, this isn’t the case with The Build Works.

All you need is an idea, a picture of what your ideal extension would be and the rest is taken care of. From the beginning to the end, from the first sketched design to the final brick and lick of paint The Build Works can facilitate all of the process. Assuring that the work is done to the highest of standards, with complete professionalism and thought so as to minimise disruption to the life of the customer; and most importantly achieving the end result that you first pictured.  

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