Space to Enjoy Cooking, Eating, and Living!

For many people a kitchen is a very specific almost personal thing, when first moving into a house, or years after living in a home there is always the temptation to tear out what you have and start all over again. Whether merely replacing the cooker or starting completely from scratch this is a surprisingly easy thing to do.

kitchens by the build worksBeing a focal point of many houses changing your kitchen can transform your home, giving a whole new feeling to the room and living areas around it.  With thousands of avenues available, one can literally create the kitchen of their dreams, whether it be wooden surfaces and floors, with old style cookers and tiling, or modern metal tops with a 21st century feel, all is achievable.

First you must start at the beginning, deciding how you want your kitchen to be, then with the help of The Build Works, from material choice, planning and designing; instillation, and building, to polishing off the surfaces the whole process can be taken care of.

As it is such an important area of the house, renovating your kitchen can give you a completely different view on where you live, and if after that you want to sell your house, it can have a massive effect on the value. A new fully functioning kitchen is a very desirable asset.  

Mobility Kitchens for Special Needs

mobility kitchensWe at The Buildworks specialise in providing mobility kitchens for our customers with special needs.

If you are in a wheelchair for example, lower worktops, easy reach taps, bins, accessible ovens and plugs are a must and there are many other adaptations to your kitchen which you may have not even thought of.

Please contact us to see what we can create for you in terms of a mobility kitchen you can really use to the full, and enjoy a new lease of life in your home.

For advice or contracting feel free to contact us.