Loft Conversions

Make Use of Wasted Loft Space!

Loft conversions are a fantastic and very popular way of creating more space in your home. Many houses have disused lofts that could be turned into anything from an extra bedroom or living room, to simple storage space creating extra room in the rest of the house. A surprising amount of people are unaware of the potential of a loft.

loft conversions by the build worksIn many cases, with very little change to the rest of the house a loft can be completely renovated giving your house in affect a whole new storey. Not only does it improve your quality of living, it can also add a considerable amount of value to your home.There is great variety to the style of loft conversions that one can get.

As mentioned, lofts can be used for anything, most popularly extra bedrooms or living room areas, studies, bathrooms or play space for family homes. Another advantage of loft conversions is the option of adding windows to the roof of a house. Most simply a window can be fitted in to the grain of the roof leaving minimal disruption to the structure of the roof and house, and it is usually relatively easy to obtain permission for this. Although usually no planning permission is needed, there must be checks with building regulations in the specific region of the house.

Alternatively there is the option for a dormer conversion, a window featured extension of the roof. This can give more headroom and space in a loft, but also is used as a way of changing the aesthetic of a house.

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